The Almshouse Sub Committee

The Almshouse Sub-Committee

This sub-committee is composed of the four visiting trustees and is chaired by the Almshouse Trustee. It meets several times a year, before each meeting of the full Board of trustees, and at other times to deal with particular issues as they arise. It is usually attended by an officer of Hundred Houses.

Each group of almshouses has a Visiting Trustee who visits the almshouse residents during the year and reports back to the Almshouse Trustee. Visits are arranged to suit individual residents and their Visiting Trustee. The role of a Visiting Trustee is to monitor the services provided by Hundred Houses and to advise their fellow Trustees when making decisions concerning the almshouses. The current Visiting Trustees are:
John Street – Philippa Slatter
King Street – Rebekah Fairley
Chesterton – Brenda Biamonti
St Anthony’s – Penelope Lynch

Thanks to a recent bequest, the Trustees are also able to help residents with grants from the Hardship Fund, the policy for which can be found here: 2015 Grants Procedure.