About the Charity

The public face of Cambridge United Charities: traditional almshouses in King Street, Cambridge UK

The Cambridge United Charities (CUC) were formed to manage  the properties and money that have been left to the people of Cambridge by  local philanthropists since the 17th Century. In its present form, it dates from a Charity Commission Scheme approved in December 2014 which amends the Scheme of July 1970, although this in turn replaced the much earlier Cambridge Municipal Charities which had been operating from the mid-1800s.

There are three branches of the Charity’s work:
The Almshouses
Relief in Need
Hobson & Crane Exhibition Foundation

The Charity does not actively fundraise, but seeks to continue the philanthropic work of the original benefactors through the careful stewardship of existing resources. It is registered with the Charity Commission, providing Annual Reports and Accounts which can be viewed here and on the Charity Commission website